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Pochettino Addresses Speculation on Chelsea Managerial Future: "In One Week We'll Know"

Mauricio Pochettino has spoken out about the ongoing speculation surrounding his position as Chelsea manager, stating that a decision regarding his future will likely be made within a week.

In a recent press conference, Pochettino emphasized that the final decision rests with the club's owners. He acknowledged the uncertainty surrounding his role, noting, ''It's not my decision because if the owners are thinking to change. For sure, in one week we will know.''

Despite the speculation, Pochettino expressed resilience, stating that the situation does not affect him personally. However, he acknowledged its potential impact on the staff, saying, ''It's not affecting me. Is it affecting the people working with us? I think yes because, in the end, you can kill the rumour and sack me, and that's not a problem. It happens in lots of clubs.''

The Argentine manager's comments come amid swirling rumors regarding his future at Chelsea, with speculation mounting following a recent dip in the team's form.

As the club and fans await a decision, Pochettino remains focused on the task at hand, preparing his team for upcoming fixtures while awaiting clarity on his managerial tenure at Stamford Bridge.


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