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NAFDAC Cracks Down on Substandard Bakeries and Water Factory in Rivers State

The National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) has taken decisive action in Rivers State, closing down three unregistered bakeries and a sachet water factory in Port Harcourt. These facilities, operating in makeshift structures with subpar hygiene standards, were found to pose significant health risks to consumers.

The unregistered bakeries, situated in Rmuoparali and Mgbuoba areas, were discovered to be operating in unsanitary conditions, including the use of a generator inside the production room, potentially contaminating food products.

Pharm. Onogwu, the State Coordinator of Rivers State, emphasized the importance of public cooperation in providing valuable information to NAFDAC. This collaboration facilitates the agency's ongoing efforts to uphold safety and quality standards for regulated products, safeguarding public health.

NAFDAC's swift intervention underscores its commitment to ensuring that only products meeting stringent safety and quality requirements reach consumers. The closure of these non-compliant facilities serves as a warning to others in the industry, highlighting the consequences of disregarding regulatory standards.

Consumers are urged to remain vigilant and report any suspicious or substandard products to NAFDAC, contributing to the collective effort to protect public health and well-being.
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