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Religious Leaders Lead the Way in Uganda's National Census 2024

Religious leaders in Mbarara city set a commendable example by being among the first Ugandans to participate in the inaugural day of the National Population and Housing Census 2024. Their proactive involvement underscores the significance of this nationwide endeavor in shaping governmental planning and development initiatives for the country.

Urging fellow citizens to actively engage in the 6th edition of the national census, these leaders emphasized its pivotal role in providing accurate demographic data essential for informed decision-making at both local and national levels.

Ankole Diocese Bishop Fred Sheldon Mwesigwa highlighted the importance of being counted, stating that it enables the government to develop effective strategies tailored to the diverse needs of various faith institutions. By participating in the census, citizens contribute to the formulation of policies and allocation of resources that directly impact their communities.

The census serves as a crucial tool for understanding population dynamics, demographic trends, and socio-economic indicators, thereby facilitating targeted interventions and equitable distribution of services across different sectors.

In emphasizing the significance of the census, religious leaders demonstrate their commitment to advancing the welfare of their congregations and communities at large. Their proactive engagement underscores the collaborative efforts needed to ensure a comprehensive and accurate enumeration process.

As the census progresses, it is essential for all Ugandans to actively participate, as their contribution will shape the future trajectory of the nation. By coming together to be counted, citizens reaffirm their role as active stakeholders in the development and progress of Uganda.


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